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At GK Technology, we are using 25+ years of experience in Precision Agriculture and applying it in the solutions that we offer to you.

If you are in agriculture, take a look through our site. We have many solutions that can improve profitability for your operation.

Our software is broken into task-oriented modules, some of those modules are highlighted below.

Zone Soil Testing Software Solutions
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Variable Rate Fertility Solutions
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Variable Rate Seeding Solutions

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Topography, Watershed Modeling & Drainage

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Your Source of Software for Precision Farming, Mapping Services & Drainage Solutions

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2008 NAIP photo draped over LIDAR of the City of Halstad, MN, on the Red River.  The dikes and oxbows are clearly visible.

Zone Soil Testing Software Solutions

Our solutions allow for the use of a single software package to deliver a wide rage of precision agriculture practices.

Whether you are starting your zone management practices from imagery, yield data, Veris data, topography, or just about anything else, start to finish you can handle in our software.

Zone definition, data analysis, soil sampling, nutrient and product layer creation, and variable rate application can all be completed in Ag Data Mapping Solution.

Variable Rate Fertility Solutions -

GK Tech designs software that creates application maps for many controllers on the market, as well as some of the best software on the market for sending data to aftermarket rate controllers.

Variable Rate Seeding Solutions -

Whether you are just generating prescriptions from a wide range of input data to place on a variable rate seed controller that you already own, or are looking to start from scratch, we have solutions for almost any situation.

Topography, Watershed Modeling and Drainage -

One manufacturer has spent more years trying to copy our watershed modeling software than we spent creating it.  But, it is said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Check out the original here.  We pioneered the use of RTK surveying, watershed modeling, and in-cab displays for precision drainage.

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