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Topography Mapping

Topography mapping consists of two items Data Collection and Map Creation. These are both services that GK Technology Inc. supplies. These maps will show you where water wants to go, and help you be much more efficient in getting it there.

Imagery Mapping

Imagery mapping is a very general term. Images could use one of many different different sources to define zones within your field. Typically these zones will be used for variable rate applications. Working with you we can help define these zones and write application maps for your equipment.

Confidence Mapping

Confidence Mapping is a process that has been developed by GK Technologies Inc. This process allows us to use 3 different input images for one field. Confidence mapping takes the guess work out of zone creation, it's precision with "Confidence".

Tile Planning

Drainage Planning

For more information about our mapping program, please click the following link, fill in your information, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Mapping Information Request Form

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