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Ag Data Mapping Solution's Topography module can convert your topography points into a simple and useful format. There are also tools for removing unwanted data or poor quality data.

Collecting data - it is recommended to collect topography data on 45' to 50' wide passes maximum width. Make sure you drive the ditch bottoms. Here is a view of imported data.
Topography image - is shown here. This will give you the rise and fall within the field, but does not capture problem areas. This image is the backbone to all the watershed layers ADMS will create.
Watersheds - is one of the layers created. This layer will show all the water in an area that wants to flow to a common outlet. Every outlet will have an individual colored area of the field.
Flow Accumulations - show where water wants to flow in a field, more importantly these lines will show you how much water is flowing to a specific outlet.
Depressions - layer will display the areas of the field were water is prone to standing. These are the areas that need work, no more searching for those wet spots you saw earlier in the season. Note: The ditch bottoms were not driven so we get an angle ditch in the lower left corner of the field that has multiple depressions.
Hills - layer displays areas of the field that have both slope and elevation and will be generally shed water quickly.
Profile Tool - is a part of the Topography package that is very helpful in drainage planning. As you lay out your drainage paths you can see how much slope, cut and fill is required for that path. Very useful in ditch planning. The lt. purple or magenta line in the middle of the field is represented by the profile line on the bottom of the window, also there is line information on length, drop, cut and slope.

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