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Boundary and Line Creation
- ADMS comes with tools that allow you to create polygons, lines and points in fields from the comfort of your office. 
You also have the option of importing any existing data you have collected from other sources (must be in SHP,  MID/MIF or TAB format).

GPS Mapping - function allows you to turn your laptop or tablet pc into a data collection unit. You will be able to create field boundaries, lines and points for use in defining areas. The GPS function also allows you to go out zone soil sampling, ditching, spraying weed patches and much more as the cursor tracks your location on your maps.

Background Data - Upon the sale of any GK Tech software we make sure the user has all the TIGER data, NAIP (FSA - National Ag Imagery Program) images, Soils data and instructions for downloading future data. To the left you will see an example of some of the data available.
Topography Mapping - Import your point shape file data and ADMS produces some of the most beautiful topography maps you have ever seen. Not only do you get a topography map, but the software creates a series of other maps including depressions, hills, flow paths and many more. To the left: Topography map collected Aug. 2006 while combining, note the ADV created flow paths in the background (Flow Paths are a separate layer).
Drainage Planning - software allows you take a topography map and create a ditching plan. There are tools within the software that will give you a visual estimate of the amount of soil you will have to move and actual cut and fill in inches. Image to the left captures a ditch being cleaned at a 0.05 grade in the NE corner of this field.
Imagery Mapping - Import many common geo-referenced file types, including most geo-referenced .jpg, .grd, .bmp, .tif, .ecw, .sid to name a few. With most file types, we can surface, filter and zone the images for soil sampling and variable rate applications of fertilizer, lime, seed, chemicals or almost any product you may want to put down.    To the left is an Aug 14, 2005 Satellite image.
Yield Mapping - Import your yield data and ADMS has some very simple and quick tools for cleaning up data. Next create a very detailed yield map that can be moved right to zone creation for next years crop.

Veris Mapping - Import your veris data and ADMS has tools designed to merge together your multiple depths of veris data to fit the crop that will be going on the soil.

Create Application Maps - ADMS is capable of taking your management zones and creating application maps like you have never seen before. You can do your 3 to 5 zone maps like you have in the past, but we take  you to the next step, 200+ zones and beyond. To the left is a comparison between a five zone map and a 200+ zone map.

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