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ADMS Data Management

By Clint Streeter

    How many times have you gone looking for a file/map that you know you have, but aren’t where you’d expected it to be? If you’re like me, it’s more often than you care to admit. Data management has become a very important part of running a business..... READ MORE

Sentinel Data Proving to be an Asset in Management Zone Creation

By Clint Streeter

    The Sentinel 2A satellite is in its second full season of data collection and has been an important contributor to the creation process of making zone maps. With its repeat coverage of only 10 days, Sentinel has been providing a large number of.....   READ MORE

UAV Imagery - Resolution

By Kelly Sharpe

    We have all heard the comment for the last few years. “UAV, you must have one or your ag business is done!” Well, it seems like a lot of business have grown and prospered without a UAV? The idea I am throwing out here is not DRONE bashing, but DRONE embracing.   READ MORE

Nitrogen Management

By Ernie Johnson

    This year in parts of Minnesota there are new regulations taking effect that will regulate nitrogen testing and how much nitrogen can be applied. The goal of the new regulations is to protect ground water, and...   READ MORE

GK Tech Involved with TEALS

    GK Technology believes in giving back to the community so we became involved in the TEALS program. TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) is a program GK believes strongly in; providing skills for students to grow on. Darin Johnson and Kelly Sharpe, co-owners of GK Technology, along with two other volunteers in the community, Brandon Mickelson and Jeremy Melting, give 50 minutes a day, five times a week to teach kids (and teachers) at Norman County West High School (Halstad, MN) basic computer science concepts. Summer training classes were given by Microsoft to provide them with information on making lesson plans and leading classes.
   About TEALS: TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) helps high schools throughout the US build and grow sustainable computer science programs. In its proven program, TEALS pairs trained computer science professionals from across the technology industry with classroom teachers to team-teach computer science. Industry volunteers and partner teachers create a ripple effect, impacting the students they teach, and the many students who will study CS in the future. TEALS was started in 2009 by Microsoft employee Kevin Wang, who developed and ran the program in his spare time, and is supported by Microsoft Philanthropies.
   Below is a YouTube link to the Microsoft TEALS program.


NAIP Imagery 2017

By Clint Streeter

    The FSA has released the planned coverage of their National  Aerial Imagery Program (NAIP) for 2017.  Last year, they began to collect some states at a 60 centimeter sample resolution versus the typical 1 meter and as it appears have decided to continue doing the same for 2017.  See the included map to determine if your area will be collected this year.  Once they are available online, we will once again make them accessible for extraction in our Online Data feature of ADMS.

Click on the image above to veiw the full pdf.


Precision Ag 101

    Running a precision software and mapping company, there are a few questions and comments that come around too frequently. Where do I start?...  READ MORE

GK Machine Controls Becoming a Reality


     As you may know, GK Technology has been a multi-pronged mapping data collection business for 7 years...  READ MORE

Landsat 8 Update:  Landsat 8

    This past winter, Landsat 8 was put into orbit.  The last week of April, it began streaming down useable data.  Darin has been...   READ MORE

Variable Rate Planting Sugarbeets
in the Red River Valley
  - Kelly Sharpe

    As you most likely know, variable rate (VR) planting is...  


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