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The USGS - GLOVIS / EarthExplorer - is a source for LandSat imagery and much more. The LandSat imagery is free, but all other imagery must be purchases.

See the GK user manual for instructions.

USGS – EarthExplorer -

USGS Downloading Lidar Landsat Sentinel.pdf

Tiger Line DataThe US Census Bureau is a great supplier for basic county data such as Roads, Railroads, Waterways and Townships. The files to download are the “edges” files for Roads, Railroads and Waterways. The “cousub” file will give you useable Township data for most areas.
GeoCommunicatorGeoCommunicator is a quick source for Township and Section Data.  When you get into the Download page, select "County" tab on the right side of the page, choose your location, "Search/Select".  At the Download PLSS just click "Download PLSS" and "Save" to the GKData/CountyData/xxxxxCounty folder.
Manitoba LandManitoba Land Initiative has a great supply of background data. You will find mostly road, water, soils, municipal, elevation, and imagery maps.

International Water Institute works with partners to develop and deliver quality watershed education programming that engages local communities. The link here takes you to the LiDAR storage & download site for data covering the Red River Valley of the North. Follow the instructions in the ADMS user manual and download the Bare Earth – LAS files.

ADMS User Manual Help File - Download LiDAR Data - International Water


The ND LiDAR Dissemination Mapservice has all the available data for ND.  The site is run by the state water commission.

ADMS User Manual Help File - Download LiDAR Data - ND Dissemination

MNITServices        The Minnesota IT Services is the source for downloading LiDAR data for all of Minnesota.  The  data is hosted via an FTP Site.   This elevation data has an accuracy of 6 inches vertical in the Red River Basin and 8 inches vertical for the rest of the state.  Please note all the data for Minnesota on this site is in UTM 15.

ADMS User Manual Help File - MN FTP Download



Iowa LiDAR Mapping Project is a source for downloading LiDAR for the whole state of Iowa. Follow the instructions in the ADMS user manual.

ADMS User Manual Help File - Iowa LiDAR Data


Data Links connects you to sites where we download background data for use in our software. We are not a data storage company, there are plenty of sites out there storing data for downloads. If you are like us, you have had a hard time finding the data you are looking for, so we put together some links. Along with the link is a guide to what useful data to get from this site.

To use data in GK Tech software, it should be downloaded in UTM Zone "xx" or if not an option try Lat/Lon. Also, all downloads should be in .SHP - Shape File, .TIF, .SID or .ECW formats. There are no guarantees that the data you download will work in our software, due to many variables in file encoding and projection. If you have problems please let us know.

Please drop us a line if you know of any other sites that you have found helpful for getting data and what data you are getting from that site. Data can be very local for your area, national or international, we will try to get them added to our Data Links page. 

Also, let us know if any of the links are not working.














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